Thank you for stopping by my name is Gus and I am a private coin collector, and I specialize in British coins Gold coins and ancient coins. I pretty much by coins on a weekly basis, most of my sellers have trusted me enough as to send their coins by special delivery using Royal Mail, however I do on occasion travel to any customer who has a collection worthy of my time, and I am prepared to travel the UK for the right coins.

I Do Not Purchase Any Old Coins

I would like to point out that there are many old coins around but this does not mean that I am interested in all old coins just because the website is called old coins wanted, I am a bit fussy when it comes to purchasing the right coins, so my advice would be to check the links above like: British coins wanted, and Gold coins wanted by viewing these coins you will get a good idea of what I am prepared to purchase.

 Trust worthy & Fair

Why would anyone send his or her coin collection to a stranger they have never met, I wouldn’t blame anybody who had this thought in mind especially in today’s world which is full of corruption and dishonesty, but I can tell you right now that you can trust me with any of your coin collections being in safe hands, because as a devout Christian, and a honest coin collector I do not need to steal anything, you either trust me or you don’t it’s really that simple. Remember if you do have a very valuable coin, or collection I am prepared to travel, IF YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES YOU COULD SEND ME it would help considerably. ¬† Please click on this link: UpLoad Your Coin Picture.